Realising the full benefits of your data

Effective data management is essential to the success of any lead generation activity.  Our understanding of the value of data, combined with our focus enables us to realise the full benefits of the information held within.  Enhancing data at every opportunity enables us to builds an up to date, accurate, prospect pool with intelligence and call records for that prospect.

solologic's effective reporting techniques provide you with valuable information about your data and effectiveness of you campaign.  This allows the right message to be delivered in an effective way to maximise your chances of success.

What's more, our data enhancement pratices could ensure that you get something out of every call, even if that means simply verifying the prospect, and that their contact details are correct.  As solologic, we use every opportunity to identify and qualify prospect criteria, and build a strong sales pipeline.

data management

Data supply

We partner with a number of leading data providers, all GDPR compliant, covering both the UK, EMEA and east coast of the US.  All our partners are specialists in the provisioning and management of quality data and cover all major markets and their segments.

Understanding the size and data availability of a market place is often the first step solologic takes when developing a lead generation campaign.  Our data partners have been handpicked to ensure that we can scope and create telemarketing for any requirement.

What our customers say:

"This was always going to be a good opportunity but it has turned out to be the largest opportunity we have uncovered this year"  Leading IT consultancy