Finding the right people, at the right level, at the right time

We deliver intelligent lead generation services within the UK, EMEA and the east coast of the USA.

Our passionate and informed teams understand their clients needs and follow a 6 step campaign process and structure:

standing out

Step 1 - Define your target market

This sounds simple on the surface, but in reality, identifying the right people, in the right companies, at the right level, with the right message, is the foundation of any lead generation campaign.  We work closely with our clients to clearly identify their market, and it's underlying needs, is a key area of expertise.


Step 2 - Understand your competition

We pride ourselves on our knowledge, understanding and experience within our sectors.  This enables us to have a detailed understanding of your competitors and allows us to set realistic expectations to make sure every client is able to achieve what they need, and stand out from the competition.


Step 3 - Why prospects should choose you

Identifying your key message and communicating it in a compelling way is essential for a prospect to choose you.  We spend time ensuring that your campaign is relevant and delivered in the most appropriate way.  We invest heavily in our project managers, with constant training, to ensure they deliver your campaign with the same passion you would.


Step 4 - How to make contact - channels & collateral

We know the majority of prospects can be easily reached by phone.  However, we also know that this doesn't work for more senior prospects. Depending their seniority and lifetime value of the product, we provide a range of differing channels and collateral that 'warm-up' the prospect before calling.  This has proved very effective in our campaigns for delivering successful results.


Step 5 - Developing an opportunity now and in the future

We understand that not all leads offer an immediate opportunity.  However, there is great value in creating a pipeline opportunity where no's are not a no, but just a not now.  We gather the intelligence and next action date for you ensuring a constant pipeline.


Step 6 - Review and improve

We always invest time analysing the results from campaigns, looking for the 'information behind the results'.  This often tells us WHY we've obtained the results we have, so that our clients can move forward with maximum effect.

What our customers say:

"solologic's understanding of our requirements enabled us to hit the ground running uncovering some great opportunities" ERP Solution Provider